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Stroev Vladimir Mikhaylovich, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of biomedical engineering, Tambov State Technical University (392000, 106 Sovetskaya street, Tambov, Russia),
Kombarova Irina Nikolaevna, postgraduate student, Tambov State Technical University (392000, 106 Sovetskaya street, Tambov, Russia),

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10.21685/ 2307-4205-2018-2-12


The main advantage of discrete-analog special processors (DAS) on FPZS is the implementation of spatiotemporal processing simultaneously with the formation of the image. The use of DAS makes it possible to select stationary and moving low-contrast objects on a nonstationary background. The disadvantage of the known methods for implementing DAS is the low speed of spatiotemporal processing due to the fact that the processing is carried out sequentially and the number of discrete accumulations is always the maximum regardless of the observation conditions. The aim of this work is to extend the functionality of the DAS and reduce the processing time. This aim is expected to be achieved through the use of photosensitive CMOS-matrixes. Their main advantage is the nondestructive reading mode. A realization of the discrete analog special processor (DAS) based on photosensitive CMOS-matrixes was proposed; comparison with existing implementations of DAS on the FPZS was made; the conditions of sale, eliminating the phase distortion, were clarified; an expression for the frequency response was obtained. The article shows that the elimination of phase distortions increases the frame rate of DAS based on high-speed cameras for more than 8 times. Also, the use of photosensitive CMOS-matrixes has allowed the implementation the processing with the use of nonrecursive and recursive filtering, adaptive to the observation conditions.

Key words

discrete analog special purpose processors, CCD, CMOS matrix, the discrete mode of accumulation with a shift

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